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If you take business design seriously, this event in Boxworks, Waterford on July 19 is for you.

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to problem-solving. The big question is always – how can businesses use creative and design thinking to solve problems and gain more customers?

“Designing a business isn’t a one-time activity; it’s a continuous and evolving pursuit. Every component of a business can be tested, and all components must work elegantly together to successfully sustain your offer out in the world,” says Kerry O’Connor, IDEO design director.

“Creative and design thinking skills are now crucial for any business that hopes to grow.”

Over 92% of businesses now recognise that creative thinking is one of the critical elements of business design.

Businesses need to move faster, network more and be open to a more collaborative approach.

Creative and design skills are now crucial for any business that hopes to grow.

A must-attend event

The STEAMworks team has put together a formidable panel of experts to take us on a journey of thought, discussion and practice for a ‘Design in Business’ masterclass. 

STEAMworks is a bi-monthly meet up for people passionate about Science, Technology, Enterprise, Arts and Media in Waterford and the South East.

Speakers include: Diarmuid Reil Owner/Architect Diarmuid Reil Architects – ‘Spatial Design’

Lesley Tully Head of Design Thinking Bank of Ireland – ‘Design Thinking’

Louise Allen Head of Innovation and Development DCCoI – ‘Ireland – Design Island’


Please keep your RSVP up to date, free spots are always in demand!

On Wednesday 27th June we are inviting all interested in joining us for a talk on Azure and the best practices that top customers are recommending when using Microsoft’s cloud. Afterwards, there will be a talk that will explore techniques for optimising image delivery on the web.

The meetup starts at 7:00 pm, with food and drinks provided.

Afterwards, we are looking forward to discussions and socialising.


Sasa Kovacevic – Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Azure – lessons learned from top Azure customers

What we’ve learned working with top Azure customers across the industries such as financial services, manufacturing and retail in the commercial space, and government, education and healthcare in public sector. Patterns, practices, lessons learned.

Doug Sillars – Author of “High performance Android apps”

Fast and Beautiful: Modern Image Delivery Techniques

The average mobile website page weight is ~50% images. Quickly delivering images over variable networks to thousands of different screens may seem to be an impossible task. But all is not lost! In this talk, we’ll examine strategies to send the perfect image to every device, ensuring a fast, beautiful rendering of your content. We’ll look at progressive images, placeholder images, lazy loading and other techniques and real-world examples that will improve the usability of your site or app. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the current ‘state of the art’ for optimizing visual content on the web.

NDRC image

NDRC /ArcLabs Accelerator Programme  Visit Boxworks Wednesday 23rd May 
NDRC is having an event on Wed 23rd May in Boxworks. This is a great opportunity to meet/network with various entrepreneurs that are on the NDRC programme which is now running at ArcLabs and speaking at this event is Ross O’ Dwyer CEO & Founder of Pundit Arena kick off at 5:45pm, all are welcome. Refreshments included.

A new NDRC accelerator programme in the south east of Ireland has been launched, supported by Enterprise Ireland, with applications open from entrepreneurs and teams across all technology sectors.

Who Are NDRC?

NDRC sources and builds young digital companies to invest in. Ensuring digital entrepreneurship is a vibrant and growing part of the economy. Funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) and established in 2007, NDRC finds, builds and invests in digital companies and startup teams with the potential to grow internationally. NDRC has worked with over 226 companies including Nuritas, Logentries, Bizimply, Newswhip, Tandem and SilverCloud Health.  NDRC currently ranks as no. 6 University Business Accelerator in the World and no. 2 University Business Accelerator in Europe by the UBI Global Index.

punditarena (2)


About APSI

slider-New_29-1557x600 (1) Agora Publishing Services Ireland provides the platforms and systems that support our affiliates – some of the world’s leading privately owned media companies in the health, finance and travel industries. But our impact doesn’t stop there.

Our expert teams strive to provide a fast-paced, flexible, and functional foundation for growth. Day to day, we build and support the enterprise applications used by The Agora businesses, allowing them to focus on profits and business growth.

Our desire is to act as the operational extension of the businesses we work with. We want to make things as easy as possible by providing applications and underlying services which are customizable to their marketing needs and customer experience.  APSI stays on the forefront of technology, and provides the highest level of support and end user training providing our clients with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What is The Agora?
The Agora is a network for more than 20 publishing and media outlets worldwide, and the only one of its kind.
The value that an Agora company offers its customers resides in the quality of its ideas – the unique perspective, the analysis, and the advice. This year alone The Agora Companies produced and marketed over 300 publications reaching more than 4 million readers around the globe.
And this figure will only continue to grow.
As its global footprint expands, the companies within evolve. Naturally, their support needs shift and alter accordingly. APSI was created in 2015 to provide world-class system support to affiliates within The Agora thus ensuring that these businesses can continue to deliver their products to customers with the utmost ease and precision.
Here are links to their currently open roles in Waterford  below.

STEAMworks @ Boxworks Presents –  A Case Study for Co-Working Collaboration

STEAMworks @ Boxworks presents – Working Towards GDPR Complience

How to get Paid in Business

For many micro businesses getting paid can often be a more frustrating process that it needs to be and with this in mind the Waterford Micro Business Network are hosting an event titled “How to get Paid in Business” with guest speaker Justin Kearns of

J. Kearns Small

Taking place on Wednesday 18th April in Boxworks, 40 Patrick’s Street, Waterford at 6.30pm you will learn;

– What flexible payment solutions are avialble to you

– Terms and conditions for payment

– How to deal with late payments

There will also be an opportunity to network with other micro business so come along for promises to a great networking event.

Book your free place now at

BOXWORKS  Launches STEAMworks


STEAMworks: Science, Technology, Enterprise, Arts & Media

A bi-monthly meet-up for people passionate about science, technology, enterprise, arts and media at work in Waterford and the South East


Each meetup will have a panel of experienced entrepreneurs/experts who will cover a topic in an open couch discussion, looking at ways to understand, explore and engage with Waterford, its environs and its future


STEAMworks will focus on being the platform for people to network, make friends, learn, teach, share knowledge, make a difference, and be part of something bigger locally.

Key Activities

A meet-up for people passionate about science, technology, enterprise, arts and media at work in Waterford.  The format of the meetup will be an open couch discussion with a panel of experts looking at ways to understand, explore and engage with Waterford and its future.





Boxworks in association with:  BOI Waterford, SEBIC, John Rooney Design, John Power Photography & O’Connell Ivory Communications are delighted to invite you to the launch of STEAMworks, a bi-monthly meet up for people passionate about sharing information and learned experiences.


The Launch

llejxkerhypdfsrt5umeReuben Godfrey, Co.Founder Blockchain Association of Ireland & Stephen Moran, Head of Research, Bank of Ireland on our experienced panel. Reuben and Stephen will azikllsf9g4ts6ejbvacshare their views on Blockchain with Laura Mellett, BOI Innovation Community Manager.

While both have different perspectives, both agree on the key role Blockchain is beginning to play globally. In addition to the areas of digital-currency, smart-contracts, fintech, insurtech, regtech, healthcare, agribusiness, retail, both agree that Blockchain is now having far wider industry and non-commercial applications. Refreshments served.

This event is Free to attend but registration is required. 

Click into link:


Are you working on a business idea?
Are you looking for a free work space at Boxworks in Waterford?
Then read on!


Applications are now open for 2 scholarship desks in here in BoxworksWaterford, Patrick Street Waterford, Bank of Ireland. Waterford sponsor 4 scholarship desks there and the first round of scholars have had great successes in their businesses as a direct results of having a working space in this vibrant co-working space in Waterford City.


These desks will be available for 6 months to the 2 lucky winners. The scholarship desks will house startups, researchers, and NGOs as well as people from multinationals looking to set up operations in the region. The aim of the scholarships is simple – to give those in need a desk in a vibrant co-working space while they tackle a specific business goal.

Information and application can be found on the following link:…/scholarship-desks-in-republ…/.



#SouthEastBIC and Boxworks are delighted to invite you to their first short but exciting collaborative event, a breakfast workshop:

Start-Up Workshop: Business Modelling & Value Proposition

To take part in this workshop click into the link…

#Boxworkslook forward to many more    collaborative projects between themselves and South East BIC over 2018



October 2017 – Graph Databases & Yahoo’s New Search Engine

Please keep your RSVP up to date, free spots are always in demand! 

Waterford Tech Meetup is back! On Wednesday the 25th October,  organised by Marco Troisi  Senior Software Engineer at ServisBOT (WTM Organiser since 2016), WTM is inviting all interested in joining us for an introduction to Graph Databases, what they are and why are they useful. Next, there will be a talk, Yahoo’s new search engine which offers a whole new range of opportunities.

The meetup starts at 7:00 pm, with food and drinks provided. Afterwards, we are looking forward to discussions and socialising.


by John Rellis  Senior Software Engineer RouteMatch Software

With the introduction of the Relational Database Management System in the late 70s, the outlook was brightening for manageable relationships. As time went by, an irony began to emerge, the Relational Database Management System seemed to struggle with highly relational data. Traversing relationships through JOINs became an expensive exercise. Luckily, through the proliferation of NoSQL technologies and polyglot persistence, Graph Databases have emerged as a possible solution to the problem of complicated relationships.

In this talk, John will introduce the technology through a comparison of a subset of the available implementations with the goal of guiding all through their relationship troubles.

2fc64d6 – the search engine that powers Yahoo, open-sourced! 

by Richard Rodger CEO at Metsitaba

An introduction to how it works, what it does, and what it takes to run, and why it’s different from ElasticSearch. Metsitaba is building a search engine for speakers, conferences and events, and we’ve chosen as the platform. Learn from our experiences getting this awesome platform up and running!


Boxworks Comedy

with Conor O’Toole, James Moran, and Ruthe Phoenix
by Boxworks Comedy
Date: Thu 26 October 2017
Time: 20:00 – 23:00
Price: €5.92



Conor O’ Toole  – 

It’s the very first Boxworks Comedy and you should totally be there. Our headliner is Dublin Fringe Spirit Of Wit award winner Conor O’Toole. Also appearing are very funny people James Moran and Ruthe Phoenix. Alan Maguire is MCing. Boxworks is a really nice place that you’ve probably wanted to see the inside of for a while and now’s your chance. There’ll be a bar. Tickets are only €5 (plus booking fees). It’s gonna be really great and you’ll get to tell your grandkids that you were at the first ever Boxworks Comedy and they’ll be like “what’s comedy?” because all the comedy will have died when the nukes landed. Ok cool , see you there.


September 2017 – Amazon Alexa & Markdown Magic!



Hands-on with Amazon Alexa

by Ray Carroll

Smart personal assistants are now on virtually every mobile device and are moving into our physical environments such as our homes and cars, providing new and substantial avenues for businesses to reach customers. In this talk, Ray will give a simple hands-on demonstration for getting started building conversational interfaces through Alexa with the Amazon skills toolkit.

600_464920473Markdown Magic

by Dónal McCarthy
Lead Software Engineer at Bluefin Payment Systems

Could writing beautiful and useful documentation be an easy task? Dónal will show us cool tools and techniques to make this possible. A guide to generate documentation for the web and print using Markdown.


July 2017 – Layered Architecture & Killing a Legacy System

Another great Waterford Tech Meetup is on its way! On Wednesday the 26th July, we are inviting all interested in joining us for a talk that will explore the use of a layered architecture and design patterns to improve your codebase and make it more maintainable. Next, there will be a talk on the VHI’s journey moving on from an old legacy system.

The meetup starts at 7:00 pm, with food and drinks provided. Afterwards, we are looking forward to discussions & socialising

600_463181742Using a layered architecture to clean up your codebase

by Barry O Sullivan
Lead Developer at DynamicReservations

Maintaining an application is complex, and pretty soon you need to evolve past MVC, but how do you do it? Barry will explain some simple techniques on how to separate your code and use patterns more effectively. If you’re interested in improving your architecture, this is the talk for you.

600_463181743Killing a legacy

by Damien Malone
Principal Technical Architect at VHI

Damien will discuss several different approaches VHI have taken to dealing with legacy tier 1 systems, how they became legacy, the issues encountered along the way and the approach to try and prevent big bang legacy migrations in the future.


June 2017 – Survival-Oriented Architecture & the future of money

Waterford Tech Meetup is back! On Wednesday the 28th June, we are inviting all interested in joining us for a great talk on how to build software following so-called “Survival-Oriented Architecture”! Next, there will be a talk that will take us on a journey to understand the future of money and payment security.

The meetup starts at 7:00 pm, with food and drinks provided. Afterwards, we are looking forward to discussions and socialising.

600_462376957Survival-Oriented Architecture

by John Butler
Senior Software Engineer at StitcherAds

Avoiding dizziness while pivoting harder than an Olympic figure skater. Or, how to deliver software quickly while avoiding major damage!

600_462376961Bananas, Blockchains, and the Future of Money

by Stephen Moran
Head of Research at Bank of Ireland

Money. How well do we understand how it works? In this talk we will explore distributed ledgers and the rise of new forms of currency and value exchange. Security, scalability, and trust will be some of topics up for discussion.

How To Travel The World & Work Online with Niall Doherty @ Boworks Co.Work.Space 

Irishman Niall Doherty quit his desk job in 2010 and soon after began a 3.5-year trip around the world without flying, funding his travels by working online as a freelance web designer. Since ending his no-fly trip, he’s been jumping around Europe, to living in such places as Amsterdam, Berlin, and most recently Gran Canaria.


In his talk, Niall will share:
How he’s managed to work for himself online and visit more than 40 countries since 2010
Stories of other Irish people who’ve done similar
Specific steps you can take to you can build an online business and earn money from anywhere, even if you’re starting out with no skills or experience

unnamed (1)

Learn more about Niall and his work at the following links: 29 Things I Learned From Travelling Around The World Without Flying:

Around The World Without Flying:

100 Ways To Earn $100 Online:

20-minute talk at Nomad City 2016 in Gran Canaria:


Spreading load over Space and Time With Waterford Tech Meetup

Please keep your RSVP up to date, free spots are always in demand!

APIs to IPAs – Leaving Tech to Brew Beer
by Gráinne Walsh
Founder of Metalman Brewing Co.
The true story of Gráinne, who left a brilliant career in tech to follow her true passion: producing beer!

Spreading load over Space and Time

by David Martin
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat

Processing requires CPU, Space (Memory or Disk) and Time – if you want to process a lot of data, you have some options. To process things in a short amount of time, you need a lot of CPU and/or Space. If you’re not worried about how long it takes, you need a lot of Space & Time. In this talk, we’ll explore what this means for a server application processing requests from multiple clients.

Derek Rowe & Keith Barry @ Boxworks  

DerekRowe  BSP organised a fantastic charity work shop in Mindset & Nutrition last night with his co-host KeithBarry in aid of local charity #SOLAS here in Boxworks. Shared his life story, his struggles, his battles, his demons, & how he has come out the other side. This is a man to be admired. Well done Derek. It was a great night. Check out his website people!



highres_455951950Richard Rodger on Microservices Service Discovery
Nathan McGrath on Using Flux Architecture with Angular 2

Tech Meetup @ Boxworks

Beyond the browser: from web apps to desktop apps
by Adam Lynch (@lynchy010)

Product Lead & Senior Software Engineer at TeamworkChat
A look at what it’s like to develop desktop applications using NW.js and Electron, the ups and downs of building one, living with one, using one codebase for the desktop and the Web, and more.

The Truth About Microservices
By John Frizelle (@johnfriz)

Platform Architect at RedHat Mobile
Microservices are all the buzz at the moment, but the truth is that Microservices architectures are hard. A balanced look at Microservices, at some of the common misconceptions and what the actual reality of running and managing a microservices architecture is like.

The Waterford Tech Meetup is a chance to connect with (and learn from) like-minded people to discuss wide ranging topics of a technical nature. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month with the aim to have 1 or 2 talks, with ample time for socialising.

Follow us:




Waterford Business Group (established March 2013) is made up of local employees and business owners that meet weekly and whose mission and ethos is to contribute to the growth of Waterford City in business, community and tourism.


Wed 12th Oct ‘Service Design & Innovation with HillaryCoghlan 6pm to 7pm
Wed 19th Oct ‘Blow Your Own PR Trumpet’ with Michael Garland 6pm to 7pm
Thurs 27th Oct ‘Why Most Adverts Fail’ wtih JohnHayes 6pm to 7pm


Website Launch

Cllr Eddie Mulligan launches his new website
with Lisa Chambers TD,

581868_1669692983306747_9117565139199906822_nCllr Eddie Mulligan lives in Knockboy, on the Dunmore Road, with his wife Dervla and daughter Erin, who attends the Gaelscoil in Ballygunner.
A former Irish Naval Officer, Eddie has an affinity with the challenges being faced in the coastal communities of the ward. From an upbringing in a self employed family to his previous business interests, Eddie is only too well aware of the challenges facing businesses and their most valuable asset, the employees. Having had to close businesses and deal with the consequent stressful effects on his family and employees, Eddie can relate to the financial stresses everyone in the community is under.
Two of Eddie’s brothers and his sister have emigrated since the Recession commenced and as Councillor, Eddie strives to make a difference and secure a local future for ourselves and the next generation.

Fianna Fáil TD for Mayo.
Lisa-ChambersLisa Chambers TD, a newly elected TD for the Castlebar electoral area is also a qualified Barrister. Lisa attended Ballintubber national school and St. Joseph’s secondary school in Castlebar, and holds a degree in Law and Commerce from the National University of Ireland, Galway, a Masters in Commercial Law from UniversityCollege Dublin and a Barrister-at-Law Degree from Kings Inns.

Lisa has also done work with the National Woman’s Council of Ireland in trying to get more young people and more women involved in politics, and has been
a member of Fianna Fáil since 2009 and was a candidate in the 2011 General Election. Since that time she has served on the Fianna Fail National Executive as one of the Party’s five Vice Presidents and is about to commence my third term in that office. Lisa is also Chairperson of the National Executive’s European Affairs Committee.