Jordan Casey – Founder  | SCNE | The Teenage Entrepreneur Movement | CasyGames

I just wanted to bring this young entrepreneur’s story to your attention as I believe you might consider it a story worth sharing. This is about a 20 yr old entrepreneur adapting and rising to the challenge of an unprecedented time and constantly changing environment.

Jordan Casey was recently awarded a place LEO Waterford Scholarship Desk Programme which is run in partnership Boxworks Co.Work.Space Waterford.
However, he is not new to the world of business having started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 11 yrs old and launching himself to the world by the age of 13 yrs old.

In light of all the stories out there of people struggling everyday with this new normal and having to rethink,  pivot, adapt or go under….here is a young man, mannerly,  intelligent, courteous  and constantly enthusiastic about finding solutions for emerging problems.

Working from a space designed and built on the foundation of collaboration, networking,  and cross pollination ..he amazes and inspires all his coworkers here in Boxworks as we all learn to adapt, pivot and take on the challenges of this journey into the unknown…

Kind Regards  Emer Ward Powell Boxworks Co.Work Space

Jordan Casey – Founder  | SCNE | The Teenage Entrepreneur Movement | CasyGames

The Apps 

The last 5 months have been unprecedented. The halt of the entertainment and hospitality industry has had a huge impact on all of us but while it may have been difficult halting the services, “we have been very lucky at SCNE to have had the time to reflect and redesign the app to adapt to this changing environment and by also being able to pivot and support businesses through the use of our Tablepay technology”. Jordan Casey Founder SCNE | Tablepay | CasyGames |

On the 10th August Jordan Casey launched his brand new SCNE, a new design, new venue, updated features, and a brand-new vision for this tourism app that will navigate us all around the ‘new normal’.

Having conducted a survey in March 2020 with SCNE’s users to see how they could best improve the service during the lockdown, over 2, 000 users, partners and UX designers were asked to give their honest opinions on the service. Having gathered and analysed the information SCNE built a new app with changes that included:

  • A rebranding of the colour scheme.
  • Centralised and Custom Venue pages
  • Unique Category Pages and a new category: Sports
  • A brand new explore page highlighting venue categories
  • Upgraded design of our Deals/Wallet page
  • Magazine style pages for: Food, Hotels, Nightlife, Leisure

New Identity:

With our new design also comes a new identity which includes both the Waterford Nightlife app and the Waterford Tourism and Entertainment app.  The concept of the redesigned colour scheme helps to encompass and pull together this new identity along with creating a new equitable dedicated page for each category of venue which now includes:

  • Nightlife,
  • Food,
  • Leisure facilities,
  • Theatre/stage

These magazine style pages have a dedicated feel and breaks down venues based on sub-categorization, helping the users to find exactly what they want including helping venues to correctly position their identity.


  • A dedicated COVID-19 Safety Page with advice on social distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene and safe tourism.
  • Integration with our Tablepay App across Waterford City allowing users to find a venue that supports our safe technology and allowing venues using Tablepay to integrate with our app in terms of Loyalty Cards, Promotions and Saved Details
  • Easy access to Reservations, Bookings, Digital Menus and COVID-19 safety information directly from venue pages to help for seamless and contact free booking experiences.
  • Powerful Promo, Ticketing and Loyalty Card Solutions for Customer Retention and Feedback
  • Powerful Push Notifications system with Geolocation Capabilities

More on Tablepay:

Tablepay is a FREE contactless ordering solution built as part of SCNE that allows customers to order and pay for their food/drink directly from their phone and thus their table. It’s currently live across Waterford and all interested partners can avail of this solution. For More info: Click here



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Jordan Casey – Founder
SCNE | The Teenage Entrepreneur Movement | CasyGames

Twitter: @CaseyGames