Síle Seoige  meets with women, couples, doctors and service providers in an effort to explores grief in miscarriage.

Our coworker Edel Fox (TV Producer) has put to bed the final frames of this documentary and it is now going out into the world Wednesday night, April 7 at 9:30pm,TG4. Without a doubt this is not going to be easy watching ..exploring grief never is and the research leading up to and during this must have been extremely difficult for all who participated in the making of this documentary. Nearly every family in Ireland at some point in their lives would directly or indirectly be touched by the grief of miscarriage including, grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, cousin, daughter, friend. From all of us here in Boxworks’ we would like to say how proud we all are and full of admiration for our coworker Edel and while we will raise a glass to her from our front rooms for completing this work, we will also raise one with her when she returns to Boxworks after the restrictions are lifted …

Click link : Journalist Dermot Keyes talks with Síle Seoige