World Speech Day @ BoxWorks

Welcome to our World Speech Day Waterford Workshop where this year we will celebrate “Global Citizenship” through the power of speeches. We celebrate the power of speeches to bring communities together, share ideas and change lives.

Our event will run from 6p.m. – 9p.m and we have some fantastic speakers lined up to entertain and inspire you all as global citizens including.

Guest Speakers  

Baya The Storyteller – Baya is a professional storyteller from France, she moved from France to England and has now set up home in Ireland. Every country in the world has a Cinderella story and Baya is going to tell “The Story of Cinderella as a World Citizen”.
Phil Brennan – Is a choir master, he leads the Ireland of Ireland peace choir and has done extensive work with the homeless. He will tell us the story of “Music speaks where words fail”.
Mike Maunsell – Lecturer in LIT, Toastmaster international award winner, will be speaking about “The different cultures I have come across mountaineering”.
Cora Kearney – Marketing professional, public speaker and blogger working with @voxgig will be speaking about “The luck of the draw, being born in Ireland.”
Pauline Kwasniak – Entrepreneur, Eventprof and CEO of TurnedSee,
Jim Flash Gordon – Revolutionising the office work environment as the Director at Boxworks! Flash is also the proprietor of Revolution Gastro Bar, located in the heart of Waterford city, among many other business interests.
We are very lucky to be sponsored by Voxgig and Waterford Chamber SkillsNet so thanks so much for your support and generosity!