Startup Ireland which is crowdsourcing its 2019 Startup Manifesto for a pre-budget submission to government using Irish online digital consultation platform Zappaz.

They are reaching out to business organisations and hubs all around Ireland to get as much varied input as possible.  Through nationwide startup community input, we’re identifying gaps in Ireland’s S/U ecosystem and presenting findings and suggestions to government for actioning.

This is the startup feedback link:  Any questions at all, please feel free to email (also happy to jump on a call) –  @startupireland #haveyoursay


About Startup Ireland: Startup Ireland is a grassroots organisation providing an independent focus point for the Irish startup community regionally, nationally and internationally with the objective of increasing the number of Irish startups that start + scale successfully. In order to let the entrepreneurs lead we will focus on the framework conditions that provide the most fruitful environment for startups with the goal of achieving Ireland’s entry into and ongoing presence in the world’s top 20 ranking of startup ecosystems.